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Strategic Role of Human Resources



Leaders from all sectors of business—private and public, large or small, for-profit and nonprofit—struggle to keep pace in a fast-moving, ever-changing world. Facilities management leaders are no different. They frequently face unexpected events, from small power outages to major catastrophes such earthquakes, floods, fires, and tornadoes. Today’s facilities management organizations cope with diverse and far-reaching challenges as they work to keep abreast of advancing technology, strive to improve maintenance management, and endeavor to sustain excellence in the face of uncertain environments, personnel cutbacks, and shrinking resources.

Facilities management leaders are busy; their hectic work schedules are a reflection of the sweeping responsibilities they hold that affect both daily and long-term planning activities at the college or university they serve. Facilities management leaders shift gears quickly in order to tackle a variety of urgent or nonroutine problems while continuing to handle day-to-day operational issues throughout the workday. These conditions require dynamic facilities management leaders who recognize the uncertainty of today’s world and have the personal courage and professional competence to guide the organization through turbulent times while maintaining a level of humility to accept that there are no easy or perfect answers. The most successful facilities management leaders have the discipline to openly confront organizational troubles, and at the same time trust their people to preserve the organization.

Because of all of these factors, the need for the human resources function is stronger today than ever before. A strategic human resources professional has unlimited opportunities to support senior leaders, management, and frontline employees in today’s changing, competitive, and limited-resource environments. Human resources should be one of the most important assets in helping facilities management leaders get things done through their people.

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